Sunday, September 5, 2010

Robert Infantino: Voyeur, Magician, Photographer

Suffolk County prosecutors say Robert Infantino admitted he secretly videotaped women and girls in a photo studio dressing room at his Central Islip home. The child pornography charges were filed after investigators said they found hundreds of images on his computer hard drive.

He admitted to 44 counts of unlawful surveillance and 64 child porn counts.

Besides working as a photographer, prosecutors say he performed as "Bob Infantino, Long Island's Favorite Magician."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

David Draper and the NEFA Foundation

NEFA stands for "Nine Eleven: Finding Answers" but this "foundation" seems to be all about the enrichment of David Draper.

Draper's ex-wife, Mickey Hayes (the "M. T. Hayes" of the website) is the president, but this is not disclosed.

The largest recipient of funds is Draper's consulting company. NEFA does very little in the way of original work, and has had no significant contributions since it was set up.

It appears to be a scam so that Draper and Hayes do not have to pay taxes.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lessig Leaves LiveJournal Over Libel; Petrochenko Ponders Possibilities!

LiveJournal is a safe haven for defamation, libel, and pedophilia.

Until nearly a year ago, LiveJournal did nothing about the NUMEROUS pedophile journals hosted there. Many were deleted, along with “fan fiction” blogs to make it appear as though pedophiles were not being targeted.

LiveJournal, now owned by Russian company SUP still supports libelous and defamatory content. Why? Because content means traffic, and traffic means revenue. SUP is interested in nothing but revenue.

They have “safe harbor” as long as they comply with DMCA notices, so their only worry might be having to disclose a subscriber’s identity.

They allow just about anything defamatory to stand: accusations of child trafficking and abuse, as well as fabricated criminal histories.

LiveJournal also misrepresents the membership of its advisory board. One person who had been defamed by LiveJournal contacted Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, whose name appeared on LiveJournal’s site as a member of their advisory board. Lessig’s office replied, apologetically, that Lessig was no longer a member.

Within 12 hours, LiveJournal had amended their website by removing Lessig’s name.

Tupshin Harper, who managed LiveJournal for several years, has been replaced by Angelika Petrochenko. Even though Harper was more than tolerant of libel and defamation, and he was the one who steered LiveJournal through the pedophilia minefield, his bottom line did not satisfy the new owners.

It is not clear what Petrochenko can, or will, do. Advertisers are disgusted by LiveJournal’s policies, and are canceling complete campaigns, often based on what they see on a single journal.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Michael Asimos: West Point Graduate and Wall Street Con Man


The commission announced that administrative proceedinqs were instituted against Michael W. Asimos (Asimos), formerly associated with two broker-dealers. Simultaneously, Asimos submitted an Offer of Settlement consenting to the entry of an Order, without admitting or denying the findings therein.

The Order contains findings that Asimos solicited friends, acquaintances and family members to invest in certain securities throuqh him by way of a special opportunity or program made available to him by the reqistered broker-dealer with which he was associated from July 1991 through March 1993.

At the time of this solicitation, Asimos had not obtained any such opportunity and the special program did not exist.

Asimos has returned the $35,000 he obtained from investors.

The Order requires Asimos to cease and desist from committing or causing any violations and any future violations of Section 17 (a) of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 10b-5 thereunder.

The Order also bars Asimos from association with any broker, dealer, municipal securities dealer, investment adviser or investment company, with the right to reapply in three years.

The Commission determined, based on Asimos’ sworn financial statement that he does not have the ability to pay a civil penalty.

(Rels. 33-7058; 34-33994)

Mike Asimos is a West Point Graduate…don't they have an honor code? Something about not tolerating lying, cheating, or stealing?